Intrusion Detection

Clear Cloud Solutions - Intrusion Detection
Provides peace of mind that in the event of a non-preventable threat, a detection system will alert you and allow your company to take immediate action.

Intrusion detection systems compliment other security solutions such as Video Surveillance and Remote Monitoring.

Security begins at the perimeter with intelligent intrusion detection systems to identify and react to unauthorized entry. Although access control systems assist in the security of buildings and properties, a well-designed intrusion detection system will increase protection and aid in the monitoring of critical areas and locations. Adding intrusion detection to your video surveillance and access control systems gives an improved and more reliable security solution. From basic small business intrusion detection systems, such as motion detection sensors, to advanced perimeter protection including fiber fence protection, microwave technology, infrared devices, and sophisticated radar imagery, CCS offers a wide range of solutions.


Intrusion Detection Features include:


  • Transmitters, motion detectors, motion and sound sensors
  • Cameras, door contacts, and communication control equipment
  • Video and audio verification
  • Real time and remote monitoring
  • Integrates with other security systems components

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