Loss Prevention

Clear Cloud Solutions - Loss Prevention
Retailers throughout the country have documented billions in losses annually due to inventory shrinkage, cash losses and profit draining operational deficiencies. There are multiple causes of loss including internal employee theft and external shoplifting.

Security Surveillance video systems are often a necessity in detouring, investigating and resolving these losses. In addition to minimizing profit loss and inventory shrinkage, video surveillance systems can also be utilized to assist in safety issues, customer service issues and other critical operational controls.

With numerous solutions available, CCS offers a wide selection of Loss Prevention and Asset Protection systems that can cater to any business’s needs. CCS specializes in evaluating a business’s vulnerabilities and then creating customized solutions including security systems design, sales, Installation and service. Our team has extensive knowledge in retail systems from exception based reporting, loss prevention consulting and complete security system integration.



Customer Service Commitment

At Clear Cloud Solutions, it is our commitment to provide the highest level of customer service that exists in our industry. We will set a new standard for customer service delivering on-time results while exceeding expectations. In addition to meeting and exceeding those expectations, we are dedicated to providing a quality service that is based on the highest level of honesty and integrity. We deliver these results with passion and a commitment to excellence that will remain the foundation of our company and the measurement of its success.

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