Clear Cloud Solutions - Utilities - Security

Large scale projects face many threats such as vandalism or terrorism and can be difficult to protect due to strict installation rules and tight budgets. They need vast coverage and an easy way to manage security permissions for employees and contractors.

  • Manage employee, contractor and visitor roles
  • Comply with strict industry rules
  • Easily integrate with existing security systems
Clear Cloud Solutions - Education - Security


Nothing is more important than the safety of our schools and campuses. CCS is committed to providing the most reliable equipment in order to maintain a peace of mind within the school’s immediate needs.

  • Clearance and accessibility to college dorms
  • Personal protection to its property within school limits
  • Improved control of access to schools from outsiders
Clear Cloud Solutions - Financial Institutions (Banks) - Security

Financial Institutions (Banks)

Our financial institutions face obstacles on a daily basis and have the needs to protect customer’s personal property. This is a respected industry, not only because employee’s lives are on the line, but it’s their customers who place their trust in them and are required to have all their expectations met. We integrate the latest technology and CCS is constantly evolving our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the financial sector.

  • Control access to secured areas within the building
  • Personal Property protection
  • Employee’s safety
Clear Cloud Solutions - Commercial - Security


Each commercial building comes with its own unique set of challenges. CCS can provide security solutions to the most complex buildings and properties. From small stand-alone buildings to high-rises and multi-unit structures, the CCS commercial buildings team is ready to provide positive security solutions.

Clear Cloud Solutions - Retail - Security


CCS’s commitment to the safety of employees and their customers along with property protection of any retail facility is a high priority. Our security solutions will help protect property, employees, customers and profits. CCS’s extensive knowledge in Asset Protection and Loss Prevention will ensure the security systems that are integrated into any business will fit the needs of that environment.

Clear Cloud Solutions - Gaming Casinos - Security

Gaming Casinos

Gaming facilities and other entertainment operations need surveillance tools and software that can meet the most demanding requirements. Whether it is accurate color balance in changing lighting, wide dynamic range to pull details from shadows, or the resolution needed to capture details, CCS’s Video Surveillance products can meet these needs.

Clear Cloud Solutions - Transportation - Security


A secure transportation system is critical to the overall national security from potential threats. Groups or individuals motivated to terrorize or injure people or the economy may well have transportation facilities as a target or a tool. Most assuredly, they would have a transportation element in an overall plan of terrorism. Thus, CCS’s commitment to securing the transportation system is a critical consideration in overall security planning.

Clear Cloud Solutions - Health Care - Security

Health Care

Healthcare facilities face a variety of unique challenges to security, and life safety. Our CCS team is comprised of industry experts who understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We bring hands-on experience in a wide variety of healthcare situations and can design, install, test and maintain the system that’s just right for your facility.

Clear Cloud Solutions - Government - Security


Nothing is more critical in the United States than protecting our freedom.  Providing our government with cutting edge security solutions to advance protection of infrastructure either physical or virtual is essential.  The best solutions strengthen and maintain critical assets, protecting systems and networks that if compromised could have debilitating effects on our national economic security and safety.